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Odin with crow

For carnival  2017, I decided to make a smaller project than usual because of my study (I had exams right before carnival -> no time for anything). So my choice was Odin, godfather of Nordic mythology, in his human shape with one of his Crows as he appeared in the series Vikings.



The main task I was focusing on was the creation of a crow robot. On Thingiverse, I found nice files of a crow and edited them with Meshmixer – basically I made the whole thing hollow and added some holes for cables and motors.

The eyes are two red LEDs that blink after a random time to emulate the winking of the eyes of the crow. For mouth movement, I used a small 8g servo motor with a wire attached to it and further attached to the under half of the beak.

With a small speaker in it, the crow makes typical crow/raven sounds and moves its mouth synchronous to it. The head is moved with another servo emulating the typical behavior of birds – always watching left and right to be sure there’s no predator going to kill them.

The legs of the raven were printed with an infill of 100% so I was able to later on heat and bend them around my old Gandalf staff that is perfect for that purpose. Finally to secure the whole thing, I used screws.

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