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Witchking of Angmar

In December 2014, I started with a project from The Lord Of The Rings: Witchking of Angmar. This project was an advancement of my project I built the year before, a Nazgul costume. The only new thing that was added was the helmet of him, so I summarized both projects in this project description.



The Nazgul costume was the project of 3 three friends of mine and me. Our target was it to have a group costume for carnival in 2014, so we thought a long time whether we should create 4 different characters from Middle Earth or if we should have all the same. We decided to create four Ringwraiths costumes, so we can handle the project together. We started with visiting the fabric shop having a look for a cheap and heavy fabric. In cooperation with an acquaintance sewer, we made templates for the robes.

The gloves were made out of synthetic leather gloves, covered with aluminum plates we cut out – by hand. We had to cut more than 120 parts, rivet some of them together and glue all on the gloves. Unfortunately, the synthetic leather unfixed itself from the rest of the fabric glove and we lost many aluminum plates during carnival. Blessedly, we made 30 plates more than we needed so we had enough repair parts.


The helmet of Witchking was made out of steel – it weight about 4.5kg. After 4 hours of wearing, my neck began to hurt. As inspiration, I had a look at a project by a guy calling himself Hamsterstyle on therpf.com. I cut the parts for the helmet out of steel with a disk grinder (Flex) and gave them a old and ugly look with a hammer on a stone and a drill with that I cut small holes in it to achieve a rusted through look.

Finally, I weld everything together and added some steel bolts I made myself again with the disk grinder. Now, the last part missing was the color. I didn’t want to have it sprayed – it would have glared and if I would have taken it off with one of my gloves on, the color would rapidly been damaged and the steel look would have come back. So I went to a coating company called Bodycote AG in Schaan. They burnished the whole mask (Brünieren). I really love the color and the surface it had after that.

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